Download Stone Miner Apk 2021 APK latest 2.3 for Android
Stone Miner Apk 2021

Stone Miner Apk 2021

App By:
2.3 for Android
131.7 MB
Required Android:
5.0 And Up
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Download Stone Miner Apk 2021

Get more stone-crushing action when you move your truck around, mine resources, then sell them at the base to make money!

Exploring diverse islands becomes more difficult as you go farther away from the ore. You can make your truck more powerful by upgrading it!

About Stone Miner APK?

This video game app provides players with a realistic simulation gaming platform that offers the best gaming experience on Android devices. Start by mining stones and collecting various ores that you can sell and upgrade your truck. You will have endless fun in these games and enjoy your free time.

For your exploration and enjoyment, the app offers a variety of features. Therefore, we will let all of you know about it. Registration is not required in order to play the game. Therefore, there is no complex process here.

A limited amount of resources will be available to you at the beginning. As a result, it is important to stay focused and start mining. Stones can be thrown in a designated area. You will only be able to store a few things in your truck. You should mine until you are finished with your memory.

Your ore must be sold back to the first place once you have filled your warehouse. The money you earn from the farm depends on the ore you find. Soccer points can be earned.

The number of stars you receive in the game is determined by how well you perform. You will be able to access the next level as soon as you find the three stars. You can begin working on the next island after moving your ship there. Enjoy all these services when you download Stone Miner.

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You can sell stones

This game is perfect for business people. In this game, you will learn how to run a successful mining company because here you can sell your stones.

Here you can mine stones that you can sell for money if you want. You need your money to invest in your business!

Give your game a level

Today the game has many levels where you can mine different stones. As you mine different stones in different places, you will get foreign currency and you can also sell them for foreign currency.

Bringing stones and mines here is a very pleasant activity. Today you can mine stones from your truck.


In the upgrade area, you can upgrade your truck in every possible way. You can upgrade the grinder and truck so you can work faster and easier. So, upgrade your rides and possessions to improve the process and make more money.


When you reach level 6 you can build a factory on your ship. The factory will add extra support to the mining process so you can earn more. So start playing the game and explore its various features.

Most players want to get the Stone Minor Mod APK, but currently, no mod version of the game is available. Currently, players must play and enjoy the official version of the game. When the mod version is available in the market, we will share it with all of you.


Additional function

  • It's free to download and play
  • The best simulation games
  • Easy to play and easy to learn
  • Exploration and mining of islands
  • You can choose from numerous missions
  • Graphics by Grand Quality
  • Controllers that are easy to use and run smoothly
  • Users find the user interface easy to use
  • Play offline for an ad-free experience

Easy method for downloading and installing on Android?

1. Memory Storage:
At the beginning check the available memory space in your device. If it is available then move on to the next step else you clean your device cache or unwanted files make available the extra space to download this APK

2. Download the Stone Miner Apk
Click on the download button given on our page to download the APK on your device. Now the download will start and wait for a few seconds or minutes till the download is complete 100%.

3. To Enable Unknown sources
After successfully downloading the APK file, Go to Settings and select the Security option. You will see ‘Unknown sources’ is off. Tab on it to ‘on the unknown source. Now you are allowed to install the APK on your device.

4. Install the Stone Miner Apk
Go to the download section on your mobile else download option of your browser. Get the APK file and click on it, install or cancel option will appear. Now click on the install option wait for few seconds it will automatically install and be ready to use.

5. Open the App
Open the app and enjoy its all features. If it needs to work online please enable the internet for a better experience.


Q. What does the Stone miner APK do?

Ans - APK is a package for Android devices. An Android file format is the one that runs/mounts.APK is short for Android Package Kit (also called Android App Package or Android Package). Apps are distributed and installed in this format by Android. The result is that an APK contains every element needed for an app to work on your device.

Q. The website APKWING.COM is what?

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Q. Are the APK files on your site duplicates?

Ans - No, we offer our customers the original APK file. We do not have any duplicate APKs. Therefore, the APK file you download from our site is genuine. We have tested this on multiple devices using our expert team.

Q. Do this APK file on this site contain any Malware?

Ans - The applications on this site do not contain any malware or viruses. Downloading it is safe and you don't need to fear for your device. On our site, we never upload any malicious APK files.

Q. Does this Apk require rooting my device?

Ans - If you run this APK file, you do not need to root your device. Install and run the program directly.

    Here is a review of this Stone Miner Apk

    First-time user: 
    There are no better games than those with the best graphics, soundtrack, storyline, and user interface. It is easy to use the website because of its aesthetics.

    As per user 2:
    Having varied gameplay, excellent graphics, great music, and a smooth user interface is what makes this game so enjoyable regardless of the theme used. It is the skins and accessories available to each character in this game that attracts attention.

    As per user 3: 
    In some of the games, there are free costumes available. However, some of the clothes are very expensive. There are excellent characters and gameplay, as well as excellent music.

    Final Words :

    understanding the app better. Your knowledge about Stone Miner Apk has deepened now that you know it well. After determining all its key features, its benefits, basic key properties, and all other practical information that has been read and downloaded, we are discussing the file that you have at the latest download on your device. Whenever you need to download any of your favorite apps, you are welcome to visit our website and remember to bookmark our website for excellent app availability, ease of access, and other services. It's a safe and great app for your best friends and family to download from this website.

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